Wood that moves spaces

At Xilia, we are committed to giving a new dimension to interior design, a tactile one. Xilia surfaces enhance our perception of spaces, turning creative ideas into smart, functional and sustainable products with great aesthetic appeal. So that we can appreciate wood in a harmonious enviromental balance.

Each surface created by Xilia represents what we believe in and expresses the same basic requirements: innovation, attention to detail, qualitative research and respect for the enviroment.

We operate in the hearth of the Venetian design district and we a company with an international vocation serving the contract, product and interior design industries through eco-tactile wood architectural solutions that include closing systems, claddings, ceilings and decorative volumes that are perfectly suited to any type of living and commercial space.

Our passion for innovative materials always drives us to explore and experiment in order to overcome the limits imposed by surfaces and propose new solutions featuring a dintinct sensory component.

We want technology to be a creative opportunity, not a restriction. Hence, our production process goes beyond the boundaries of serial production to guarantee the quality of an artisan product with the timeframes of an industrial product.

Xilia, the italian smart company of the eco tactile wood!