Archimede – L’Ambiente – Italiana Divani – Glip – Pivato – Varaschin – Edilgreen Life – Arrital – Xilia  – AC Adatto Casa.

These ten brands will give life to the project Archimede Contract.

Italiana Divani designs and realizes practically any kind of upholstered furniture; Pivato designs and packages select fabrics for curtains and other textile accessories; Archimede specializes in bedroom furnishings and kitchens with innovative melamine and laminate materials that are functional and economic in the field of hotel and residence furnishings. Arrital Cucine designs modern-styled, high-quality wood or lacquered furniture that will satisfy the most demanding customer. L’Ambiente proposes furnishings to transform every kind of dream into reality using the very best brands in the field of Italian furniture. Glip offers designer solutions for lighting fixtures to illuminate any type of environment with the right kind of light. Attention to detail, originality of design and refined elegance are the fundamental characteristics that distinguish the Varaschin creations, rendering them unique and incomparable from an aesthetic viewpoint. EdilgreenLife proposes exceptionally elegant laminate and wooden doors. Xilia, the Italian smart company of the eco-tactile wood for wall covering and ceiling solution. In the case of AC Adatto Casa, design and exquisite care for detail reveal an innovative way of restyling the bathroom with a modern and functional outline. These companies taken together all represent the key strength of Archimede Contract. A project that has achieved resounding success and which is guaranteed to satisfy any demands with regard to furnishing.


Italiana Divani pursues its objective of realizing upholstered furniture starting from a basic idea and continuing up to the finished product. Pivato was founded with the intention of creating collections that are fundamentally designed around humans. For over 40 years Archimede has been conceiving and realizing furnishings which combine carefully studied functional and ergonomic aspects with accurate design, accomplishing the feat of satisfying both economical and aesthetic demands. AC Adatto Casa is specialized in production of bathroom furniture, stylist and elegant, with contemporary design. The philosophy of Arrital Cucine could be summed up with the concept of “total living”; the company creates furnishing accessories that represent a contemporary interpretation of living spaces. L’Ambiente proposes the latest avant-garde interior design items that can be adapted to any project demands. Glip proposes original lighting solutions, paying special attention to the new trends in which light becomes the key element for interpreting living spaces. The blend of old-fashioned craftsmanship and modern aesthetic solutions characterizes the creations of Varaschin, a leading Venetian company specialized in outdoor furnishing. Edilgreen Life opens up the door to the future; the company based in Treviso constitutes a real benchmark in the sector thanks to its avant-garde manufacturing plants and highly qualified staff. Xilia surfaces enhance our perception of spaces, turning creative ideas into smart, functional and sustainable products with great aesthetic appeal. So that we can appreciate wood in a harmonious environmental balance.