The solution?

Turnkey service

This initiative brings together ten companies working in the furniture sector that are all renowned for their high quality products, rigorously ‘made in Italy’. Called ‘Archimede Contract’, this project is dedicated to one of the world’s greatest artifice’s of culture and human progress. Much like Archimedes, who confirmed the genius of his own intellect thanks to his scientific merits, our structure aims to provide top-notch service linked to the creation of ‘turnkey’ projects. Archimede Contract is capable of guiding clients from the idea stage of a project through to its execution, offering complete integrated solutions which respond to their living space needs, including options that range from offices and hotels to shops, residence inns and prestigious villas. Our clients are each matched up with a single reference person who is assigned to respond to all of their design needs and follow a specific case from its initial drafting stage to its final ‘turnkey’ delivery. We offer a complete service, the likes of which can only be provided by a proven group of professional companies like those that characterize Archimede Contract.

Completed Project